The Light on the Lake

Evans Community Gardens

Our new Community Gardens are now open and growing!

Topsoil is down and there is a lot to do!

If you would like to participate in a town wide program; meet your town neighbors; and be a part of something that will only grow with your involvement - then come to the Community Gardens!

We have many events and projects that need your involvement! The Conservation Commission, which is building the Community Gardens, has a direct connection to the town’s green space, streams and creeks, waterfront areas, agricultural lands, hunters, forests, and trails. We are here to make sure our green natural space is maintained against general development.

However, another community garden is currently being established on the site of what was the old playground at Jerusalem Corners. This garden will be for flowers, shrubs, bushes.

Connecting these two gardens is another program called the Evans Seed Bank. The seed bank is looking to work with gardeners to save seeds from their favorite plants in order to create a historical plant record for the town and help create a level of sustainability.

So we want your involvement and participation! Join us! Send us an email at or watch the community calendar events here on the Town of Evans website for future meetings to attend.

Garden plot registration, lease, rules, and release forms are still available. If you are interested in a plot send us an email at


Community Gardens Q & A

Q: What can I plant in my plot?

A: Anyone who rents a plot in the Community Gardens will be allowed to grow whatever they wish - vegetables, fruits, grains, or flowers, so long as it may be legally grown. Any grown produce belongs to the plot owner for their use.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Each plot fee is $20 for the year, with an additional $10 plot cleanout fee, should the gardener start and then abandon their plot. The $10 cleanout fee can be carried over to the next year.

Q: How big is each plot?

A: Each plot is roughly 12 ft by 12 ft, and each plot has a separate location for a rain barrel should a gardener choose to use one.