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Homeowners Guide for Unassessed Home Improvements

It is the policy of the assessor's office to encourage improvements in property without penalty to increase the assessed valuation, including normal maintenance and repairs re-roofing and painting.

While items listed here fall within the scope of normal maintenance and repairs, the policy of no assessment increase cannot apply when items on this list are grouped so that the total changes in property result in a substantial increase in the value of the property.

Unassessed Home Improvements

- Painting, outside and inside

- Repairing, replacing or sandblasting existing masonry

- Replacing plumbing and light fixtures (if not part of complete modernization)

- Repair or removal of old porches, steps and exterior trim

- Added electrical outlets and outdoor lights

- Lawns, lawn sprinkler systems and landscaping

- Above ground swimming pools

- New roof

- Blacktop or concrete driveways and sidewalks

- Repair and replacement of sidewalks and driveways

- Replacing worn out furnaces and water heaters of similar grade

- Redecorating, wall-papering, new ceilings or plaster repairs

- Added closets and other minor built-ins

- Storm windows, storm doors, weather-stripping and exterior awnings

- Adding or replacing gutters and downspouts

- Tool sheds under 100 square feet (10' x 10')

- Free standing wood stoves

- Satellite dishes

- Small decks

- Fences

Assessments are determined by the Assessor, whos job it is to make sure that all property owners are assessed fairly based on the market values, or a uniform percentage of the market values, of their properties.