The Light on the Lake

Highway and Storm Water Management

Free Woodchips

Woodchips are currently available FREE of Charge from the Evans Highway Department.

  • •If you have a truck you can drive to the Highway Barns, they will load them for you.
  • •If you need to have the chips delivered then a Right of Entry Permit must be obtained by printing out the application, completing it and submitting it to the Code Enforcement Office who will then review, approve or disapprove then forward it to the Highway Department.
  • •There is no limit at this time to amount of woodchips.
  • •Contact Evans Highway Department at 549-3533 with any questions or email us.

Recycle the Rain

A growth in urbanization has caused an increase in impervious surfaces. The result is an increase in stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff is defined as rain, melted snow and ice that does not soak into the ground.

Stormwater collects in a storm sewer system and empties into our local waterways. Along the way, stormwater collects many pollutants such as lawn chemicals, bacteria from pet waste, and automotive fluids - all which can harm water quality and aquatic life.

One way to decrease stormwater pollution is to recycle the rain with a rain barrel!

Mailbox Replacement Policy

To avoid any misunderstanding or confusion please be advised that the Town of Evans policy for replace-ment of a mailbox damaged beyond repair by a snowplow is the following:

As a courtesy, the Town of Evans Highway Department will replace damaged mailboxes with a 4x4 wooden post and standard U.S. mail box.

It is recommended that decorative mailboxes be temporarily replaced over the winter months by home-owners.  This policy applies only on roadways plowed by the Town of Evans Highway Department.


  1. Brush Is To Be Piled Neatly Next To Road, Not In Roadway Or In Ditch.
  2. Pile All Brush In Same Direction With Cut Ends Facing Toward The Road. Do Not Crisscross Limbs. Do Not Pile Logs, Stumps, Or Yard Debris On Pile.
  3. No Roots With Dirt On Them, Root Stumps Will Be Picked Up At A Later Date
  4. Absolutely, No Metal Or Other Garbage. ( No Weeds, Leaves Or Yard Rakings) The Pile Will Not Be Picked Up.
  5. Try Not To Cut Branches Into Small Pieces. The Longer The Better. If Branch Diameter Exceeds 8 Inches This Does Not Apply.
  6. Absolutely No Poison Ivy, Summac, Poison Oak, Thorns, Hog Weed Or Branches With Bees Nest Attached.
  7. No Lot Clearings.

Edward Michalski, Highway Superintendent

Town of Evans Highway Department

The Town of Evans Highway Department consists of a total of 23 employees. In addition to supervisory personnel, the department has 2 mechanics, 2 heavy equipment operators, 2 light equipment operators, and 12 truck drivers. During the summer months additional part-time people are hired.

The Highway Department's equipment inventory is well in excess of one million dollars.

Storm Water Management

New Stormwater Regulations

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has new regulations to prevent contamination of stormwater which apply to the Town of Evans. The regulations apply to specific areas of the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4). This page includes a description of new laws the Town has enacted; links to the laws, the map of the regulated area, and other stormwater related documents and websites; a description of current permitted construction projects; and a form for comments or complaints on stormwater related items.