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Highway Department Facts

The Town of Evans Highway Department consists of a total of 23 employees. In addition to supervisory personnel, the department has 2 mechanics, 2 heavy equipment operators, 2 light equipment operators, and 12 truck drivers. During the summer months additional part-time people are hired.

The Highway Department's equipment inventory is well in excess of one million dollars. This equipment includes:


  • Eight dump trucks
  • Excavator
  • Highlifts
  • Two mowers
  • Grader
  • Rollers
  • One ten wheeler dump truck
  • Sewer jet
  • Mechanics maintenance truck
  • Four utility trucks
  • Two brush chippers
  • Flatbed truck
  • Bulldozer


Under the supervision of the Superintendent of Highways, the main mission of the Highway Department is the maintenance and improvement of a network of approximately 140 lane miles of town highways for the safe operation of the motoring public. In recent years, the Department has taken on the additional task of new road construction. The Highway Superintendent is the custodian of the right-of-way. In addition to road maintenance, within the borders of the right-of-way, the department maintains drainage and the removal of brush and grass cutting. Recently, the Highway Department has added the service of residential brush pickup for town residents and the community. The department is accountable to keep four bridges in repair. During the winter months, the department is responsible for snow removal and ice control not only to the Town of Evans' 140 lane miles of town road, but also an additional 70 lane miles of County of Erie highways.

The following is the Evans Town Highway Department's policy regarding the delivery of excess fill, wood chips, sweepings, etc. to Town of Evan's residents.

Additional Policies

Any town resident who requests entry onto their property for purposes mentioned must fill out and sign the attached right-of-entry form. No deliveries will be made until the form is properly completed, notarized, and returned to the highway department.

Be advised that residents will receive a full load of material. If amount or size is a question, you should come to the highway department and inspect one of our trucks. Also, once dumped, the load in its entirety becomes the responsibility of the home owner and will not be picked up.

Space is provided on the back of the right-of-entry form for the resident to supply a detailed drawing of the location where the material should be dumped. This drawing should include any obstacles or areas to avoid should no one be at home at the time of the delivery. We would prefer a colored stake or ribboned stake in the ground clearly marking the spot. There is no timetable as to when material will be delivered.

Your cooperation regarding this matter is greatly appreciated. Click and download your Right Of Entry Permit