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Recycle the Rain

Stormwater Management

Recycle the Rain

A growth in urbanization has caused an increase in impervious surfaces. The result is an increase in stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff is defined as rain, melted snow and ice that does not soak into the ground.

Stormwater collects in a storm sewer system and empties into our local waterways. Along the way, stormwater collects many pollutants such as lawn chemicals, bacteria from pet waste, and automotive fluids - all which can harm water quality and aquatic life.

One way to decrease stormwater pollution is to recycle the rain with a rain barrel!

Rain Barrel Tips

  • • Use the collected rainwater for
    - watering lawns
    - watering gardens, potted plants (indoors & out)
    - washing cars, bicycles, patio furniture, and garden tools
  • • Make sure your rain barrel is placed on a level supportive base
  • • Use your rain barrel regularly. An intense or lengthy rain can overflow a rain barrel., Consistent use will keep water from stagnating watch for damage. obstructions, and debris in the barrel and /or on the screen
  • • At the end of the season, empty the rain barrel and leave the spigot open. Store upside down or indoors to prevent freezing.

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Installing Your Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are available in most home stores and online. Styles vary from basic barrels to decorative styles. You can make your own barrel as well. The illustration above depicts the basics: barrel, spigot, overflow tube, and inflow device. There are Do-It-Yourself kits containing these basic supplies or they can be purchased separately.

  1. Choose a downspout near your garden
  2. Make sure your downspout is secured to your house with a bracket
  3. At least four inches from the top of your rain barrel, cut your downspout using a hacksaw. the height of the cut will depend on the type of diverter attachment or downspout elbow and rain barrel platform**   Don't forget to save the downspout cutout as you may want to reattach it for winter
  4. Secure the attachment or downspout elbow tot the downspout using screw or brackets
    **If your rain barrel comes with specific directions, refer to those for installation