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Evans Vacant to Value Properties Program

The Town of Evans, like many communities in New York, has a large number of vacant and abandoned properties within its neighborhoods. In the past, efforts to address these properties consisted of demolishing these properties with no eye to their future use. This resulted in excessive vacant land that the Town bears the burden to maintain. 

Today, the Town is focusing on strategically addressing each property that is found to be vacant or abandoned. In January 2016, the Town Supervisor created the At-Risk Vacant Property Task Force to take on the task of identifying, cataloging and assessing these existing vacant properties, including determining whether identified vacant properties require rehabilitation versus demolition.

Despite our new focus on addressing the existing vacant and abandoned property, the Town realizes that to fully solve the increasing number of vacancies within the community a focus on preventing the foreclosures in the first place is the most effective way to approach the growing situation.

This website contains numerous resources to help homeowners to effectively avoid foreclosure, as well as resources and information for those who are facing foreclosure already.  The following topics are addressed on this website:

  • - Housing Rehabilitation Grants
  • - Financial Counseling Services
  • - Legal Services
  • - Mortgage Assistance
  • - List of Current Vacant and Abandoned Property in Evans
  • - Current Legislation for Foreclosed/Zombie Properties

Please take a few minutes to visit our Town of Evans Vacant 2 Value Properties website for more information.